Protect Your Assets: Recession Denim

Now, if my legs will turn out looking like this then I’ll certainly be off to Bloomingdales in an instant. If I live near one, that is.

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Legs that go on forever. I think I’ve successfully made my point, image size plus placement and all. (Funny memory of an opening gambit recently used on me by some guy — a comment on my legs. Quick answer: I don’t think so, buddy. Heh. Pick-up fail.)

Anyway, Recession Denim launched its premier collection in the US in April 2009.

The collection features well-made, classic jean silhouettes that will never go out of style. The entire collection ranges in price from $85-$120, which is well below the current price for high-fashion denim.

Now available at over 50 top boutiques in the US and internationally, Recession Denim will be launching its fashion-forward second collection this Fall. Taking cues from Fall 2009 runway trends, the new collection features Motorcycle jeans, denim leggings, and the Gypsy line, which includes denim dresses and skirts.

Recession Denim will be hitting the floors of Bloomingdales next week and over 60 stores across the US.

Oddly enough, it’s been reported that Recession Denim is a denim company that seems to be doing extremely well in the present state of the economy. What irony.

Happy shopping, folks!

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  1. andie says:

    i wish i have those long legs too…and to shop til i drop for jeans…

  2. johnmamaril says:

    haha i like the name” REcession Denim”.

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